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  When you have Gratitude in your heart, you create a gentle happiness! Allow yours!!!
When a situation happens to you because of anothers actions, step back and out of the emotion if you can
Take the Leap of Faith to make the changes needed to move forward! It's a New Dawn for many this
Focus on what you want in your life and it will come. If you focus on the negatives and what
Be in Gratitude every single day for the haves in your life and stop focusing on the have nots. You
Maybey you'll find some other Butterflies along the way! Take a Leap of Faith. If it is meant to be,
Are you ready to stand up for you and your values and desires to move forward to get what you
Which are you saying to yourself today? It is your life and you make the choices! Just take the Leap
I have seen in my readings this past week that people are so afraid to take a chance or what