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You are the creator of todays destiny! What is your intent for today? Focus only on what you want to
Today, think about how far you have come and what are the "What If's" you still want!!! Do you truly
Today, find a moment to just be quite and still, but very present in your surroundings. May you see all
Last weeks reads were all about "Letting Go" of the past. We all have past hurts from family, a ex-love,
Good October Monday Morning to everyone! Today the 5th could be a great day for change! Procrastination, resistance and fear
Let go of the guilt! You are the only one holding onto it and revisiting it and feeling those sad
Only you are carrying the past! Cut the cords and release any and all that taught you lessons no matter
Good Morning and a gracious, blessed Monday wished for all of you! Repeat this for the next 5 minutes or
Is today your day to start something new? Maybe just a simple new way of thinking on things and situations,
Yes, this is me, post the horrific 9/11 disaster that my husband and I rode for a charity event for