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Your willingness is your vehicle! Seek the new adventure of your day and maybe your new beautiful life! You are
Wanted to share something I read yesterday. It is said that there are 4 Emotions that will change your life:
There is Divine order behind everything that happens, including the time of one's passing. We are never ready to let
Today: The human mind can be so many things: a prison, a circus, a temple or a cave. It can
There's a FULL MOON today! It is a time of harvesting intentions and wishes of the past moons! The Full
Everyone has a SOMEDAY!!! What if you looked at today as your someday! Be present, believe in yourself and have
Today is your day to pick up that pen and script a new path & journey! It starts today with
Today's Prayer: Dear God Help me always to remember that this present life is but a fleeting moment within eternity.
TODAY: I AM allowing inspiration for a new day with new beginnings! How can I end my day with happiness
I want to say from the bottom of my heart, "Thank You" to all of you for being part of