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TODAY, look around yourself for miracles. What ever the day brings, stop for just a tiny moment in time and
TODAY: I monitor any negative thoughts and choose to focus predominantly on what I want, rather than what I fear
TODAY: Know that there is a greater day ahead when we choose to release or cut out people or situations
Start seeing and writing a new story of your life and soon the outer world will start showing the same
TODAY December 30th: I AM removing any and all false lanauage of self. I choose as an act of my
TODAY December 29th: I AM open minded, receptive to new ideas and new beginnings and willing to celebrate the best
TODAY December 28th: Take a pause in your day (this is your gift to self today) and visualize you standing
TODAY December 27th: When we become impatient, we litally devalue ourselves and our connection to the devine Holy Spirit! Impatience
TODAY December 26th: I pray that you now have a beautiful memory of the holiday that has been imprinted upon
TODAY December 24th: Light a white candle while you wrap presents or doing the last minute baking or perhaps just