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I wanted to share my morning prayer. Use it and change the "me" to "us" if you are a couple:
I AM creating my life beyond my wildest expectations! I AM overcoming all fears to have clarity with vision of
This past week of readings showed alot of Butterflies coming around with the spirit of Mothers that have passed. There
May has been such a month of change for so many! With all that is going on around us in
Start your day with a gift to self! Take 3 min and sit quietly, deep breath in and exhale out
I too have had to learn this lesson here. With all that is going on around us at this time,
May is a month of change! Just when you thought something was finished or can't be done.....look out for the
I AM allowing happiness to illuminate my life now!
What if I asked you to come to the edge of a cliff and stand with me to see and
When you truely let go of those worries of what others might think of you or what your doing or