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TODAY: Find a new balance! If you are putting too much effort into managing your life, work, relationship or family
How much of yesterday are you holding onto? Has it made you happy, feel more loved or proud to revisit?
TODAY: Stop asking for things to be perfect! Sometimes it's the awkward, messy and grief that helps us to shift.
Know you are one magnificent thread in the tapestry of life! Trust the road that beckons you to walk it.
When you stop and have a quiet moment, is it to reflect in the meaning or meaningless of your life.
Inspire someone today to never give up on their dreams or goals! Be the one with a kind word, a
Set your internal start button today! It's all your's to allow the magic of great things to appear and it's
Today: Remember that God never brings anything to an end without there being something better to come! Sometimes, a necessary
  Many blessings of love and peace wished your way!