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I wanted to share with all of you here today a very SPECIAL and a TRUE STORY of the meaning
My wish is for each and everyone that reads this to find Christmas as a day that brings and holds
Today take a moment and sit quietly and shut your eyes and reflect. See all the great visions of the
Today just know you are not alone with the fear, sadness or loss! It is aligning you and teaching you
Stop and say to the Universe today and then repeat! Maybe one more time in case you forgot!!! Have an
I am seeing so many changes going on in people's lives in my readings. There has been a lot of
So many of my readings last week are facing the crossroads of decisions to go or to stay? The Universe
My readings are bringing up for many that it is time to Feel The Fear, But Do It Anyways! So
There are alot of new begininngs, new vibrations coming into peoples lives out of sadness, losses and being forced to