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TODAY: Ask yourself, am I feeling gratitude or am I feeling fear about my day? The world is chaos and
TODAY: Ask yourself "YOUR WHY" behind your drive for the day or "WHY" am I choosing to do this (whatever
TODAY: I AM allowing myself to see truely the value of who I am and why am I here right
TODAY: Do not let depression and or anxiety hold you back in your growth. Sharpen your focus and reset your
TODAY, is your choice to take the small steps....but take them! Ask yourself, what or who is stealing your joy
Radical acceptance comes when you recognize the old patterns of yourself and take action to move forward in a new
I am seeing so many in my readings right now, being forced to heal of heavy lessons. So much fear
Today say to yourself: I AM Worthy! I AM Amazing! I AM Filled with Joy & Happiness! I AM Deserving
I have seen in my readings last week alot of change coming up for people! There are alot of difficulties
I wanted to share my morning prayer. Use it and change the "me" to "us" if you are a couple: