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I want to say from the bottom of my heart, "Thank You" to all of you for being part of
I am seeing in my readings alot going on in peoples lives that have either brought a decision to end
TODAY: What is your inner narrative? Always remember that people do not knock people that are below them, they knock
TODAY: Take a moment tonight and look up into the night sky that covers all of space, can you count
Today: I am seeing so many in my readings that are struggling with the impact of what covid did and
May you have the wisdom of the Owl to see beyond people and situations to the total truths. Be the
TODAY: What is one thing you can release or let go of in order to move forward and align yourself
You have choices today to focus on what you desire for your destiny!
Hey everyone today is 8/8 The Lions Gate Portal! That means simply, it is one of the most "Powerful Days"
Alot of great changes going on for people this month. Be very clear in your thoughts and focus on your