The human mind can be so many things: a prison, a circus, a temple or a cave. It can be a place of restriction or a place of never ending expansion.
Right now, be careful of where you wander in your mind. The quality of your thoughts is key!
Where focus goes, energy flows!
It is easy to be influenced by others right now with all the resources that are open to us to explore as well as protect yourself from the energy and information being fed.
If you allow fear and uncertainty to pollute your mind and emotions, you will fill yourself with negativity and then see more of it in the outer world.
Know you are being taught to understand life from a higher level and release the negative past thoughts of how you thought things should be.
Be very mindful of what your mind is full of and keep moving forward with unstoppable faith!
Good brings more good, love more love and gratitude more things to be grateful for!
This very moment is all that exist. What positive thoughts or words are you feeding your mind and environment?
Rise up and see your Unique self and how that incredible self strength has helped you overcome the challenges and difficulties of life.
This is your time! This is your day to say:
I am about to improve this day and my life by setting myself free of al that has bound me to hurt, pain and dissapointment.
This day I send thoughts and words out to the Universe that:
I can, I will and I AM! The Divine has my back and yes, I AM Unstoppable in moving forward to my best life!
The Messenger