Wanted to share something I read yesterday.
It is said that there are 4 Emotions that will change your life:
It comes from inside and can be triggered by outside forces.
Don’t create a wall to protect yourself from experiencing life. Let it touch you. The next touch could be the one that turns your life around!
Disgust is when one reaches a point of no return…..I’v had it!
I don’t want to live this way anymore!
I’v had it with being broke!
I’v had it with being embarrassed!
I’v had it with lying!
Enough is Enough!!!
Most of us need to be pushed to the wall to make decisions.
Reached a fork in the road?
Each of us must confront our emotional turmoil & sort out our feelings, but whatever you do……don’t camp out at the fork!
Resolve says to yourself, “I Will”!
It is promising yourself you will never give up!
Remember, the courage to make any positive changes, illuminates your concious self and starts the trajectory of re-aligning you on your path with the devine!
One day you will remember how your new beautiful story was just around the corner waiting for you to believe you could manifest it!
The Messenger