From the bottom of my soul and my most humble heart, I want to express a few lines about the wonderful experience that Mrs. Rosemarie has given me. Starting from the moment that I met her, there will not be enough words to thank my Lord and all the Angels and the Universe for having a great instrument for all of us that she represents here on earth. All of your time, Wisdom, energy and heart have been a Blessing for me. You have helped me to recover and find myself again guided by the Lord and the Universe, every detail has help me to fulfill myself and has help me to remind myself for what, and for what I was created with all the gifts that were given to me. Thank you, thank you, it will take a lot of lines to describe, express or try to explain to anyone since the moment that you have been in my life. I wish and ask the Divine to continue giving you the empowerment, his Divine Light, all his love so that you can continue to help not only me but others who are still seeking answers and understand about the paths, specially the one that we must be willing to walk. Receive my deepest love and gratitude for being by my side and for being the sweetest human being from whom you were chosen. May the Lord continue forever on you and on your love ones !! Blessings forever !!