Before I met Rosemarie, everyday was a struggle. My soul was broken. The guilt I felt about the death of my mother and my inability to help her confined me, tortured me, and was ultimately destroying me. The message that Rosemarie gave me from my mother changed my entire perspective of my purpose here on earth. Through Rosemarie, a message so personal and unbelievably accurate was delivered to me. I was able to communicate with my mother and resolve things on a spiritual plane, which was not afforded to me while she was physically here. Rosemarie has taught me to forgive myself and to walk through life with a trusting and healing heart. I sincerely can’t imagine my life without Rosemarie. Her clarity and vision has changed my life and the lives of my children. She is a blessing and a gift. I am a work in progress, and with Rosemarie’s guidance I am learning to close the door on guilt and fear. I no longer live in darkness because the light is far too beautiful. Rosemarie is God’s angel. I am blessed and beyond privileged to know her.