Rosemarie is phenomenal!

I talked to her after a close friend passed very suddenly at work and he came right thru to Rosemarie. She was able to give me spot on messages that only him and I understood. She even passed along messages from him for me to pass along to his cousin; messages that only the two of them knew the meanings to.

These messages not only provided me (and his cousin) comfort during the extremely painful time, but it also confirmed and strengthened my spiritual beliefs knowing that our loved ones that have passed over are still alive in the spirit world, they are ok, they see and hear us, and that we will be with them again on the other side.

She also was able to warn me that she didn’t get a good feeling when another close friend of mine was battling cancer. That feeling pushed me to spontaneously purchase tickets to Hawaii to visit her. I’m so glad I did, because just six weeks after our visit she lost her battle to cancer.

I highly recommended Rosemarie to my friends and family. She is my go to physic and medium whenever I am missing a loved one, or am at a crossroads in my life needing some guided direction and insight. Not only is Rosemarie incredibly gifted, she is incredibly compassionate and truly cares for those she’s reading for. She is truly a messenger from heaven!!!