TODAY: Ask yourself “YOUR WHY” behind your drive for the day
or “WHY” am I choosing to do this (whatever it is) today
or “WHY” am I choosing to be here right now with this person that I am sharing my time with
or “WHY” am I living where I am right now.
The list can go on and on, but know your “WHY” that drives you!
It will help you gain such clarity with where you place your focus. Spirit is asking all of us to be very clear with our thoughts and our words to bring in to us what our heart truly desires, once and for all!!!
Get rid of the round and rounds in your life (old patterns, situations or people that bring same results) to move forward!
October is bringing in a powerful time of self strength and courage with a positive change for many.
Detox your head and heart so you can be open to receive beautiful abundant blessings from many different souces!
In Love and light,
Rosemarie-The Messenger