Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited to share with you, that I am Co-hosting An Evening with Spirit where I will be delivering messages from your loved ones in Spirit and delving out a few intuitive insights as well.

I have been asked by the lovely Tracy St Croix to share this evening with her. Two mediums mean twice the fun and messages!!!

Be our guest, Friday August 28th at 7:00pm Central time.

We hope to only bring you the best because you deserve it.

Click Here to Reserve you spot.

An Evening with Spirit is an event the entire family can enjoy and receive some much needed high vibes right now. You can be assured you will walk away from this event feeling the power Spirit can bring to your heart when you open it. As always, you know there will be many laughs to be enjoyed.

Join us. Here is the link to reserve your spot.

Reserve your spot, and bring a friend

Love and Light

Rosemarie-The Messenger

Enroll Here! ,

P.S. **** Attendance to the event is not a guarantee of a direct message from a loved one. We do our best as mediums to give all we got to everyone and we leave the rest up to Spirit!