What if I asked you to come to the edge of a cliff and stand with me to see and feel all the freedom around you?

Would you see only FEAR and say to me, I could fall! Or, would you come and stand with me and show your courage to be fearless.

Sometimes life re-directs us by taking from us a job, a relationship or a location to help us move forward because we are too comfortable and do not want any change even though unhappy, but it is needed for growth.

This month I am seeing in my readings there is huge change going on in peoples lives. People are awakening to a new energy of self honor and value and want happiness and joy again in their lives.

This month you get to make the choice, to take the Leap of Faith and step into the unknown or unfamiliar to find your miracles! This month the unknown is the only choice!

When you are honest with yourself, the clarity begins and spirit nudges you to take action to move you forward. Then the blessing of miracles begin!

Come to the edge and see that you can fly!

Rosemarie-The Messenger