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Perhaps, this is a time that has been given to each of us whether we like it or not, that has so many feeling isolated and fearful from losses to stop and look within ourselves. What if, each of us took the time to remember when you were truely the happiest in your life. Reflect and feel that emotion! Where did it go and what have you given up of yourself for it?  What had you become before this massive shift in the perception of fear that has been created. Did you like what you saw of yourself looking back and why have you forgotten that you?

Being able to run to someone or somewhere or give and share of yourself whether at work or socially and time out sharing a meal where ever you wanted till you were depleted only to drop into bed and start again the next day.

Maybe, the devine is giving us an awakening to search our true self and to break free of the our past and  any unhealthy patterns that we needed to release and shift our perception.  Is the Universe lighting or linking us to a new path allowing for each of us to now give the best self from our own transformation in a much healthier way to others.

Find your inner passion and re-inspire you! Let today be a day that starts a new beginning of a new emotional experience of blessings!

Love & Blessings to each of you!

Rosemarie-The Messenger