Today: Know your “why”?
Look just for today at why you are doing or wanting something in your life.
Is it because you will find a greater sense of purpose or the need to make money (to be able to buy things) or save for the future. Maybe it’s all three. They are all good motives that will drive you to want better and to achieve more in life.
Knowing the “why” is so valuable and it sets the drive for fullfillment!
Your intention and the focus you place are the magnets for miracles!
Know the why behind your career drive as well as creative wishes of change. Be very clear about the “why” and your want!
Is it to be the best or standout in your profession? Perhaps, to have and share your knowledge with others or to just feel better about yourself for pushing yourself towards a goal.
Today, is the time to deep soul search for the “why” that drives your choices.
Know and accept, to allow yourself the clarity of focus and to step into your extraordinary life that you are creating your way!
Prayer to the Universe:
I AM Allowing all that is for my highest good to manifest into my life, NOW!
May miracles & blessings find their way to you today,
Rosemarie-The Messenger