I have seen in my readings last week alot of change coming up for people!

There are alot of difficulties coming to the end for the many because of people looking at what needs to be balanced in their lives. This is bringing so much healing and bringing with it so much happiness! People are stepping out of their old lives and making the transition to step up and take action for a new beginning/new life!

Spirit is removing people and situations out of your life for your highest good in June & July. They are removing these obstacles for your happiness!

Going into July I am seeing that thoughts as well as words are very powerful right now……….use both wisely!

Stop limiting yourself with doubt and fear of the past. Accept who you beautifully are and release self judgement. It will start expansion & growth after release!

Moon cycles are bringing clarity with honesty and truth’s. Spirit is asking us to get rid of things and patterns that no longer serve us in order to bring in good changes!

Surrender the how and release the blockages and set your intent to BELIEVE in MIRACLES!

Letting Past Go Quotes