I just wanted to take the time to say may every single one of you that are getting your meals planned and table decorated for your Thanksgiving meals and family gatherings this coming week, find so many blessings in the moment unfolding presently for each of you!
This month has started the gentle unfolding and reflecting of past moments shared and loved ones lost.
Each one always awakens a moment for a smile or a moment to feel hurt and loss.
Always, remember how truly blessed we were for they chose us to share this earth time with. No matter how short or how long they chose us to come here and be a part of our journey with!
It has been our lesson of healing of loss to go through.
Know that no one leaves the earth plane unless it is their time to go. They never want to see us hurt and crying because they are gone.
Light a candle in honor of them Thanksgiving Day somewhere near your dinner table so that you may know when you reflect to the candle they are there with you! Find a beautiful quiet moment to talk to them and say your prayer to them and then allow spirit to help you shine in that special day!
Be the light of love and gratitude on this special Thanksgiving Day!
Many Blessings Wished,
Rosemarie-The Messenger

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