Hey everyone today is 8/8 The Lions Gate Portal!
That means simply, it is one of the most “Powerful Days” today out of this past week and the next 10-12 days to heal faster, clear things up faster and free ourselves to move forward with our dreams & desires! It simply is allowing us to shift into a higher vibration.
The Concentration of light (Devine Dispensation Portal) that is being delivered today is simply a intense concentration of light being delivered (like a laser). Think how lasers work with their concentration of light….they can cut through just about everything and thats what this increase of light represents for us humans. Sooooooooo:
Set time for yourself today! Even if its only 15 minutes!
Find your quiet place, away from any disruption.
1: Light a candle and sit quietly and write out any detailed dreams and desires you want in your life moving forward.
2: You are going to take 3 large breathes in through your nose & out through your mouth. As you inhale say to the Universe “I ALLOW” (this is where you put into words what it is you desire) and then with each exhale, say to yourself “I RELEASE” any & all negativity.
How bad do you want to let go of the past burdens, fears, blockages and any negative surrounding it that has taken you back or you are still carrying?
We are being given this gift only today with a POWERFUL boost from the Universe.
Here’s your chance to allow the Universe and Angels to align this shift for you…………………………TAKE IT…You deserve a grace of miracles!
Love & beams of light,
Rosemarie-The Messenger