I personally have seen how nothing is ever just coincidence in my life!
Case in point: My husband and I had planned a trip to Sedona for a vaca this past week and I just happened to look up “the only reader” that could ever read me when we lived here 20+ years ago and found her. Made the call and we re-connected and although she has retired her beautiful services we were able to what started as a visit planned for about an hour into a whole day with dinner visiting.
She and her wonderful husband were so gracious and brought such beautiful and mystical conversations that we could of just visited with them for the week. It was as if neither of us wanted the day to end. Such a gift!
We have made an agreement that we will come up and visit again soon and that they will be coming down here to stay with us and visit….can’t wait!
So, always open the door each morning by knowing that miracles do happen and ask the Universe to attract these great miracles to you today!
I AM attracting any and all miracles to come to me today and bring more joy, love and a blessing needed into my life!!!
Now it’s back to my beautiful gift of helping heal others through my readings that this wonderful gift and time shared in the beautiful redrocks of Sedona have re-ignited me with!
In Gratitude,
The Messenger