I wanted to take the time and share with everyone that has lost a loved one a bit of my human story.
I have worked ICU medicine and Trauma ER for over 20 +years and I specialized in Pediatric/Neonatal ICU for the most.
I would remember being part of the team that would go to the bedside when a loved one would need to be taken off life support because there was nothing more we could do from the medical aspect. I would know the process of silence the alarms and the shut off the ventilator so as not to add to the already gut-wrenching pain of the family members watching their love ones slowly stop breathing and their heart stop beating were already so overwhelmed in grief with.
I had invested many, many hours of getting to know the family’s that came and left and sat and stood at the bedsides with such hope and fears.
The only comfort I would find in that moment was seeing the loved ones from the other side that were always around to greet them and welcome them to their transition of the other side of the veil. I too have had to walk into a bathroom or even a backroom to shed my tears that I could not show at the bedside. We as medical workers still reflect and look back at the times, the families and who this incredible soul in that body that shared that moment of time and touched us also in a way that left their imprint in our memory.
I too have lost loved ones and have been at the bedside with some and not with others because of the situation and or distance. I had peace in knowing their loved ones would be there for them so that they never died alone.
My heart goes out to each and everyone of you that at this Season of the Heart, are reflecting the loss of someone so special that chose to share part of this lifetime and your journey here with you.
They knew they would see, feel and leave the most love in their short time here with us in their lives than if they would of lived the out the lifetime!
Every soul comes into this world at a predetermined time and exits at a time predetermined by their own growth. They help us from the other side constantly by guiding us towards whats best.
Notice signs through feelings, a smell, dreams, a song you might hear or even a billboard with a name on it, etc that brings you to a thought or feeling of them. They are trying to give you a message or just let you know they are there with you at that given moment.
Their are Angels among us. Helping us to see the light in each day!
I am so sorry for your loss, but so humbly grateful that you had that beautiful, loving and incredible journey no matter how long or short to have shared with that amazing soul and loved one in your life!
Rosemarie-The Messenger

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