TODAY: December 21st
Healing is a slow and steady process. It takes as long as it takes! Most of the time that’s much longer than we’d wish. We must learn to trust ourselves and release or remove what’s no longer and protect the new blooms of ourselves to open and the miracles will follow. Trust the great mystery in the process.
We must manage through the constraints to open our hearts to life.
The challenge when we are going through a time of healing (growth or transformation) is not to close ourselves off from the world when we most want to separate and shut down. Find the courage to open through the difficulty or hurt. When you feel safe enough to let life soften you, not harden you is where you will find you nurtured and took care of yourself. You allowed this mysterious intelligence of life to bring you back together again in a stronger way!
Your experiences here on this earth plane are “valid”, my beautiful souls! They are called lessons!
Love & Blessings,
Rosemarie-The Messenger