Take a moment tonight and look up into the night sky that covers all of space, can you count each and every star that sparkles above you? Can you understand that you are only seeing a glimpse of what all is there?
Understand for a quick moment that this is a domain of limitless possibilities, of the never-ending vast potential that you are made of and have all around you. Your life right now is alive with possibilities and needs your clear focus to hone in on what exploration most calls you. It’s time to choose!
The doors will open and the right people will appear when you do! Don’t let distraction block you!
Imagine your dreams and step forward to start today calling in your reality of goodness! Keep your focus of the essence of potential, rather than the form of it. The Universe will bring to you that which is for your highest good! Trust you are calling in your Devine Angels & Guides to help you manifest! Think back at a time when your thoughts have materialized and you said to yourself: That which I had feared has come to me, OH NO!
NOW, is the time to declutter your thoughts and be very clear each day on that which you want to bring into your life! It is your beautiful choice to change and bring to youself now, that of which you have wished for or wanted to change in your life!!!
Love & light,
The Messenger