TODAY: Change is our natural state!
Seeds must be buried in the darkness before they can bloom into the light!
Within you, you have all you need to create what you’re destined to create, to move through everything life delivers and to navigate your way through it all!
The blueprint has already been seeded within you. Trust that you have within you lessons learned that brought you the courage and empowerment to now bud your most glorius blooms!
Take the next step of your life today! One baby step today and tomorrow the next. Continue each day and on a day not too far from today you will turn and look back around you at the most breathtaking garden around you!
What is your intuition/gut nudging yourself to change or rise up and honor within you today?
What is one baby step you can take towards fullfillment & purpose of self, today?
In Love & Gratitude,
Rosemarie-The Messenger