This month so many are experiencing dramatic changes!
It has felt like so much loss to many, but perhaps if you stop and think about your life and the things that you have wished for, perhaps in order to achieve the great things you want, it couldn’t happen with the people or the things you had in your life right now. So, they were released!
Keep your focus on your dreams and what you really want in your life. Be willing to step or leap forward into the unknown.
You have wanted better and greater! You had repeated the same ways and thoughts that didn’t work so be different and allow the opportunities to come into your life now!!!
This month and as we finish up 2019 represents a powerful time of great 2nd chances for many with the opportunities for great and wonderful things, people, jobs, homes, etc coming into change our lives in beautiful ways abundantly!
Allow yourself the freedom to think and know you now deserve the blessings you have been asking for.
You have got to believe and trust every single day that this is your dream that is coming true for you. It has moved things out and away from you at this time to bring in the great!
1: Envision or write down two things each day that you would like to see in your life that you have dream’t and been wishing for.
2: Feel the emotion of it really happening and then
3: Give humble gratitude for the gift and experience and so it is to the universe!
Please take the few minutes to do this for YOU!!!!!
Every single day see or write, feel and give gratitude and repeat!
Let the magic of blessings be seen and brought by your angels and the universe!
Rosemarie-The Messenger