I am seeing so many changes going on in people’s lives in my readings. There has been a lot of loss going on in the past couple of months, whether is has been a loved one or monitary, the heart has made those question their destiny.
I’m seeing people afraid to take chances and some questioning “is it possible?”.
I have seen this past week that people are being re-aligned with their true paths and opportunities and new directions are taking place for them because it is time to come back to yourself!
There are so many new opportunities with career and in relationships presenting themselves this month! If you have been wanting a new career or a new love…….set the intent with clarity and believe in the power of you to achieve the blessing and let the miracles unfold. Take the Leap of Faith!
Get clear in what you really want to come into your life and then say out to the Universe what YOU allow into your life now! BE CLEAR!


Life has no remote – PicLry