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So many of my readings last week are facing the crossroads of decisions to go or to stay?
The Universe is showing many that it is time to start a new story and journey that honors youself and to focus on self first, then others.
So many times in my readings I find myself saying this is not just about you, BUT this has been a rarity! It is in fact, all about you and your focus of wishes and desires right now.
Be very honest with yourself and take the first step of re-aligning your heart to a new part of your story!
So much is going on daily and it feels like things are so busy and information is coming at us so quickly. Stop! Find 5 minutes to sit in quiet and reconnect with your beautiful source. Remember you are right where you are because of the choices you have made thus far. Trust your intuition! The Universe has your back this time!
This is a great time for New Beginnings!
Do you want a new job, move somewhere, new home, greater health or a new love? Your choice…remember IT IS all about you right now!
Once you really get your mind focused on what it is you truely want the Universe gets into action to help! Keep your thoughts positive and crystal clear on your desires……go make it happen!
You are the Creator of your life!
Hugs and loving light,
Rosemarie-The Messenger