“Trust reverses the detours of adversity into highways of destiny.”
It seems the core of my readings this week is “TRUST’!
I am seeing the question of, CAN you learn to trust YOUR SELF and not others, to really take a leap of faith and go after WHAT YOU REALLY WANT?
I was in the middle of a reading yesterday and was told to tell this client that they were given a “Devine Detour”……humm, that was a first, but loved the concept of what it meant.
There have been losses, hurt, and obstacles given that force you to release the negative, reach in and find your own inner power.  RELEASE whats gone! The Devine is pushing you forward to overcome and find New Hope with a New Dawn that is open to you NOW….this month!
JULY is about being guided to Believing in Yourself and creating a SHIFT of positivity within you thats powerful for opportunitys.
So many of you are going into fear and focusing on an illusion that brings just that to you.
Take a deep breath and today find a quiet place, then place your feet on Mother Earth (no shoes) and look to the Universe (sky) and state: I release any and all fears and negativity NOW!!! I allow all that is for my highest good from the my Guides, Angels and the Devine Universe NOW! And….so it is!

Stand in your power and start building a New Foundation of what you want of your life NOW!
There are so many new opportunitys and jobs and prosperity coming to many and especially this month.
Rosemarie-The Messenger