I have seen so much fear in my readings this week. What are you truely afraid of? So what if you fail the first or second or how ever many times (who cares and there is a lesson in those failures for you)….do you have the courage and or focus to know what it is you really want to achieve for yourself. Focus on what you want and believe in yourself that you will do what it then takes to start the walk of empowerment of yourself to get there! You are truely the only one holding yourself back.
When you are at a crossroads in your life and get into the “stinking thinking” I call it, that is defeat talking in your head!!! This only interrupts your day and or life and makes you afraid to take the leap of faith and see that you have it in you to achieve more than you ever thought possible.
What are you made of?
Who’s beliefs do you have?
Are you capable of doing what it takes to get what you want of life?
God gave us all the tools to work with, some just use a few per day. There are no excuses! Love yourself enough to focus on your dreams and then visualize on the life you want. I ask people all the time to journal or do vision boards. They work and are powerful tools for manifesting your dreams! Start today!
Many blessings,
Rosemarie-The Messenger
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