50 Decision Quotes For Help Making the Right Choices in Life (2021)

I have been seeing in this past couple of weeks with readings, people still holding onto fear based thoughts instead of making concious choices to move forward in a situation or with their career or even with a loved one. With all that has gone on in the past two years and now daily, there are those that want us to stay in fear! I am telling you, our Angels are asking all of us to raise the vibration and illuminate with looking at things differently. Find faith and hope and believe there are great things coming and goodness will expand creating stability again!

February represented life situations that were presented to help us to work on what I call the darker side or shadow work of ourselves. So many are uncertain of themselves and are letting all the fear guide their decisions to not move forward or expand and keep the light of hope lit!

Yes, we are being forced to look at things differently right now, but it should be showing you to be very concientious of what is your passion and or drive for change is. When you are truely clear on your reason, then you will feel the cloud lift because Spirit feels your awarness, connects and will help the doors open and or the people needed in your life to come forward at the right time for your highest good! If you are fearing judgement or criticism of others then you are giving your value of self to others that might not even be part of the journey and or your destiny. Take the LEAP OF FAITH and allow YOUR decision to lead you to your destiny! Your inner soul will not let you give up. Listen to it and do not ever give up!! Do not let fear take your shine or chances from you!

I must have said it so many times: Watch your thoughts……What you focus on is where your energy goes or flows and creates those results!

So, what are you focusing on today? Say to yourself right now: I AM allowing the Universe to easily provide for me today…… joy, love, perfect health and financial abundance! So it is!!!

Blessings of illumination,

Rosemarie-The Messenger