I wanted to get on here and post about last weeks readings.
There are so many that have gone into a quiet seclusion and not wanting to speak or just be around others and could not understand why they felt that way.
For those of you that have been feeling this, know your right on your path of reflecting and looking at possibilities that you want to manifest, but have been questioning your own courage to take the leap and feeling stuck.
You are actually being asked to look at your beliefs and fear based thoughts and re-write or re-wire them to move forward. It’s called doing shadow work or working through your dark thoughts and patterns of life that have kept you in fear and being comfortable with it.
We have all gained so much wisdom from the emotional hurt and or pains in life and especially the past two years. Fear is all around us and meant to keep us distracted from all that is peace and loving and happiness within ourselves. Make your own joy and happiness in every day, disconnect from fear and find your own strength and focus to manifest your destiny! What you pay attention to is where you focus and where you focus is where your energy goes and as a result is where your results show!!!
Our Angels are asking us to be hopeful and believe we are enough and trust the opportunities will come that allow a New Beginning. Take the Leap of Faith and find the courage to do things differently to open the doors for you, starting with your FOCUS!
Say to yourself every morning: I AM ENOUGH and I AM receiving easily all that I need for my highest good, NOW!
Today is an amazing day,
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