Today I write this because I want to let others know that you have asked and wanted to know where have I been? Well, I got Covid and thought I would get through it quickly, but it took a very bad turn for me and I was fighting to just be able to breath.

I had to shut down everything and just take care of me and my family, but so many have been asking and messaging me or texting me and for that I just want to say from the bottom of my heart……THANK YOU so very much for caring and noticing.

It’s because of all of you that I feel so very blessed!

I am doing really great now and will be back posting and blogging my weeks to the many that take the time and stop by to read what is going on in the week of readings for the many lovely people I get to read for weekly.

Many blessings of health and happiness to each and every one of you!

Love, light and hugs,

Rosemarie-The Messenger 

Today I am grateful for..: Gratitude Journal-note your favorite quotes,  amazing things that have happened to you that day look forward to the days  ahead. by NOT A BOOK | Goodreads