TODAY: Embrace and enjoy this very moment!
Enjoy, what you have created and brought into your life thus far. Be in gratitude at all that is around you, to see with loving eyes the magic that has already unfolded.
Enjoy your harvest! Your work through the seasons of your life have brought you to this point! Don’t take any of it for granted! These are you dreams manifested into matter!
Don’t scatter yourself all over the place to achieve, rather rely on what you want to have in your life to come to you!
Surrender and embrace your own magnificence of who you are and allow life and your deepest desires to come to you!
TRUST, that all that is meant for you will come to you! Be very clear and state to the Universe out loud what you yearn for in your heart be known. Don’t stress, stretch to grasp, try to control or manipulate. Surrender, ask and allow!
Anything divinely meant for you in this lifetime, will never pass you by!
Love and illumination of Angels,
Rosemarie-The Messenger
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