TODAY: 11:11 is a day of HIGH POTENTIALS for setting intent for your destiny with a new vision of opportunities, projects and events in your life!
We are really looking and becoming awaken by the Universe to see our connections with Spirit and what is our place here at this time!
Ask yourself right now are you here to lead or to teach?
There are alot of positive reversals coming up for the many:
*in career
Our Guides and Angels are helping us to release all things that are not for our highest good!
Ask yourself, are you genuinely helping that other person to have or be better and “Why” are you?
Sometimes we help only to see the pattern or cycle repeated again with same results. Think about yourself now, where has someone helped you and the “Why”, only to repeat a pattern or cycle again with regret.
Today the 11:11 portal asks each of us to set healthier boundaries with ourselves and others!
Look at “the why’s” in order to heal our own fears of the past.
It is an awakening that brings positive new beginnings with self awarness and independence!
May the light of love & peace touch your beautiful souls today,
Rosemarie-The Messenger