There is alot going on in the Universe and in our lives right now. Know, that the world is always going to have chaos, but this month step back and look at the choices you have made today to move forward and the reason why for your decision. Honor you!
It is not always easy to stand up for self, but boundaries do need to be set in this month! Be very clear with your intentions and or decision to take a steps towards bringing peace into your life by setting up the boundaries needed!
It is also, a very clear month to take care of health and listen to our bodies. Slow down to take care of you!
Surrender to the devine for guidance!
Healing is needed in so many ways for the many right now! Slow down, get quiet and listen and the Universe will gift you rather than sting you to get you to listen!
I AM Allowing healing, love and forgiveness to bring me Happiness!
In Gratitude,
Rosemarie-The Messenger