TODAY December 24th:
Light a white candle while you wrap presents or doing the last minute baking or perhaps just sitting around with family before getting all the big big dinner planned for tonight or tomorrow!
This candle is for the loved ones that have passed and lit in their honor for the day. Then state: I send you so much love and am open to feeling and receiving the love of you in my heart this day.
For just today release any triggered emotions that can take you back to any past sadness.
Remember that no matter what has happened, is happening or will happen in our lives, we are all innocent souls of the stars and mother earth!
Original emotions can either make you feel overwhelmed and take you back to hurt and cause you to pull away from others no matter how much we have grown.
Think of your beautiful soul here as a flower that is wanting to feel the nourishment, the light and appreciation. May you bloom to show your color, fragrance and petals to the world….you are worthy of all you dream to become!
Turn on the Christmas lights throughout the house not just at night and watch the energy shift.
The emotions and thoughts you think-you will live!
Today you choose how the energy is around you and within you!
I send you a wish that you experience love, joy and peace!
May the day be filled with many miracles of the season!
In love & gratitude,
Rosemarie-The Messenger