TODAY December 27th:
When we become impatient, we litally devalue ourselves and our connection to the devine Holy Spirit!
Impatience is a failure to trust the Universe and we are seperating ourselves from the all providing spirit!
Impatience is ego wanting what it wants and now! If not satisfied, it will convince self that you don’t like where you live, want a new job or relationship and you cannot trust anything, because of the “lack of” feelings! If ego is not satisfied, then a new list of demands show up the next day. It brings a higher level of anxiety with it, as long as ego is in charge.
When you deeply heal, you vibrate a different illuminating energy that radiates in such a different way to all you come in contact with. Because you now show up with whom you really want to be and not how your past wants you to.
Stop, breathe and take the time needed to become very clear about the outcome and unconcerned with the how and or when. You will have cultivated the infinite power of patience. Go about your day and let go and let God!
Patience is trusting in the oneness while patiently observing!
Rosemarie-The Messenger