TODAY December 28th:
Take a pause in your day (this is your gift to self today) and visualize you standing at the bank of a river watching it flow.
Watch as the water hits the first bunch of rocks and deviates to the left or right (it marks a time when you were hurt or traumatized as a child).
Now watch it flowing on to the next hurdle of rocks and wood branches and hits and deviates again (you hurt/crushed by what you thought was the love in your life leaving you empty and not understanding the why you thought you were not good enough!
Now watch the flow crash up against a huge bunch of rocks and swerves off to the right (a time when you had to make a big decision to look for a new job or go back for more education to stand out in the job market).
Now, the small bumps of rocks or branches that have slowed down the energy of the flow (day to day life challenges & losses) have showed it a destination.
Know, that this incredible perserverance of water has traveled the path to reach the lake that welcomes it with serenity and calmness for making such a journey!
You have a journey here to understand who, what and the why you are here! Llisten to your inner guidance (your connection to spirit and God source) through all the challenges, hurts and losses.
Look at who you are and have become today because of what you have persevered.
You have survived and deep healing is possible!
Now is your time today to show up in the world your beautiful way not the way the past wants you to.
Always remember like this river…..rejection is God’s protectection for a new direction.
I AM allowing any and all that is for my highest good to come from many sources to me today!
You will one day remember how your beautiful story was just over that last bump or branch, just waiting for you to believe you could reach your calm, peace and joy of manifesting it!
In Love & Gratitude,
Rosemarie-The Messenger